Jul 7, 2011

skedj-boooggk.....SKEDJ BOOOGK!

For a lil more than a month I have been staying at my friend Meg's apartment. It's been great but the one drawback is that I have less space to work on big art projects. So I mostly been loitering in random coffee shops and parks and drawing in my skedjbooogk. I don't really "sketch" tho so I consider it just as valid as a big ol' capital A approach to artmaking. blahblahblah.

I'm also scanner-less, so the pictures from my 11 yr old digital camera leave a bit to be desired. Sincerest apologeeeeez.
<3 <3 mathyou

Mar 15, 2011

nyuck-el dragon

This fella is about a foot n a half tall, by about two feeetz, which is large compared with most of my output
A self pooor-trait only a mumsie could love.